September 17 OccuAnniversary Events

The Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters of Occupy Bernal, Occupy Noe, and ACCE-SF consensed on the following three OccuAnniversary events at the regular Saturday 10am meeting on September 1, 2012:

EVENT#1) Occupy Senior and Veterans Foreclosures and Evictions

What: Press Conference and Protest

Time/Date: 12:00pm (noon) – 1:00pm on Monday, September 17

Venue: San Francisco War Memorial Building

Address: 401 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102

Description: Please join the Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters and supporters of Occupy Bernal, Occupy Noe, and the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) for a press conference on and protest of bank’s foreclosures and evictions of seniors, veterans, and disabled folks. The press conference and rally will take place at 12:00pm (noon) on Monday, September 17. This action is in cooperation with the OccuAnniversary events and the Occupy Action Council of San Francisco.

Contact: Occupy Bernal,

EVENT#2) Occupy Fortress Investment Group

What: Protest

Time/Date: 3:00pm – 4:30pm on Monday, September 17

Venue: Fortress Investment Group Offices

Address: One Market Plaza, Spear Tower, San Francisco, CA 94105

Description: Fortress Investment Group (FIG) is a multi-billion-dollar corporation run by vulture capitalists like Peter Briger, FIG Board Co-Chair, who developed the corporation’s “Financial Services Garbage Collection” strategy. Who’s the garbage according to Briger? That’s homeowners in foreclosure, students who can’t pay their loans, etc. FIG owns 77 percent of Nationstar Mortgage, which has been purchasing distressed home mortgage debt and foreclosing on homeowners at an accelerating pace. Seven San Francisco homeowners, dubbed the “Nationstar 7” face evictions and foreclosures by Nationstar at the moment, and FIG has a long history of poor treatment of tenants and alleged violations of tenants rights laws at Park Merced and elsewhere. Please join us to protest the billionaire “garbage” collectors like Peter Briger who are throwing our neighbors out of their homes. Bring a large garbage bag if you can! Brought to you by the Foreclosure and Evictions Fighters of Occupy Bernal, Occupy Noe, and the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) San Francisco, in cooperation with the San Francisco Tenant’s Union, the Occupy SF Housing Coalition, and the Occupy Action Council of San Francisco.

EVENT#3) Occupy Anniversary Mass Convergence

What: Protest

Time/Date: 5:00pm – 7:00pm on Monday, September 17

Venue: Bank of America and Goldman Sachs Offices

Address: 555 California Street @ Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

Description: OCCUPY WALLS ST (WEST): 1 YEAR! MON SEPT 17, 5pm
Monday, September 17, 2012
555 California st @ Kearny st, San Francisco

Join us on Facebook!

Commit in the coming year to keep building a movement of the 99% to end the rule by the 1%

All Day: Occupy, move your money, take creative nonviolent action to confront the banks’ theft and destruction of our communities, homes, environment, education, health care and democracy. Plan an action with your neighbors, group, friends, family, co-workers, congregation, or classmates. Let us
know when/where/what and we will include in our list of actions.


Debt Burning (Bring Copies of Your Debt Papers to Burn Symbolically), March, Casserole (Bring Your Pots, Pans and Spoons in the tradition of Argentina, Iceland and Quebec rebellions against 1% austerity), Celebration, Music, Guerilla Movies…

“Debt affects us all. Student debt, mortgage debt, health care debt, credit-card debt, and more: debt is the tie that binds the 99%, and it is a primary engine of Wall Street profits. Are the promises we believed in order to take this debt — of prosperity, of stability, of enfranchisement — even worth the paper our statements are printed on? Debt is ruining the lives of individuals, families, and communities while banks get bailed out. We say enough! Join us as we begin to build a people’s movement to strike debt, break the chains of debt, and to create new bonds of solidarity.”
­from in New York City

All occupy groups, allies and supporters are invited to join and mobilize.

Planning Meetings: The SF Occupy Action Council has agreed to be its organizing/planning hub. The SF Occupy Action Council meets every Sunday, 2-4pm at HERE/UNITE Local 2, 209 Golden Gate Avenue (between Leavenworth/Hyde).

Sponsored by (to date): Foreclosure Fighters of Occupy Bernal, ACCE and Occupy Noe, Occupy SF Direct Action Work Group, Occupy Education­ Northern California, Occupy Action Council SF, Occupride/Community Not Commodity, Occupy Monterey, Occupy Bay Area United, Occupy SF Environmental Justice Work Group

Occupy Anniversary: Mass Converge with Me 17 Sept 2012 #S17 from Peter Menchini on Vimeo.

Minutes of General Assembly, June 28, 2012

Occupy Bernal GA notes

7-9pm, June 28, 2012, at Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, 515 Cortland Ave


* Introductions: 34 people representing both Occupy Bernal and ACCE membership, 16 ( including 2 new) foreclosure fighters. Stories shared of ongoing struggles and some victories both small and large. 2 OB FEF’s report receiving mod. offers after sustained pressure. Dexter Cato’s home, after sustained pressure (and probable bank fear of further resistance/reoccupation/scaring off ), has been resold to him @ half initial modification offer. ACCE/Dexter will hold press conference (& apparently Bank wants too as well to spin this, as their humanitarian gesture). By contrast, Archbishop King has received mod. offer but one that’s unsustainable, w/ unacceptable 5yr balloon payment… 1 week response date (w/much of that time eaten by holiday/weekend).

I. Wells Fargo Negotiations:
Background: Had INITIAL meeting first of the year, with Diana Stauffer, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage senior vice president, and Alfredo Pedroza , Director of California Local Government Relations for WFB, brokered by Campos. Thereafter told to work w/ 800-number contacts if customers, attempting renegotiation, and Pedroza if not. Pedroza officially lobbying against any foreclosure moratorium, not supportive/communicative. No ‘ official ‘ negotiations contact until recent action-call against Pedroza, who is well-connected and may have Sacramento ambitions, for demonstration@ his home. Now receiving pressure from City Hall contacts and Pelosi staff to call this off, allegations from Pedroza re: racism and homophobia for targeting him specifically, threats of a counter-demonstration. Per OB/ACCE approached by Stauffer (specifically Buck), and Pedroza (specifically Grace) asking for a moratorium on actions in exchange for meeting, resuming negotiations. Pedroza offered to reconsider positions on current difficult WFB cases represented by ACCE/OB and willingness to postpone auctions (though job-role is only messenger and probably lacks this power), while Stauffer offered only a meeting date, if we call off current action. To be further discussed below.

II. Occupy the Auctions Actions/Alerts:

– Eric’s Home, 1:45pm, TOMORROW, June 29, City Hall, 400 Van Ness Ave.
may be postponed but as of Thurs evening still on tomorrow’s auction-list. Received postponement paperwork after end of workday today; resume negotiations first thing in the am. John and Eric can’t be there tomorrow afternoon, but endorse OB being there in case need to disrupt auction. Reassured that, even in worst case, this is not the end of possible interventions. OccupyAuctions crew will show; BB will bring banners. Celebration as auction was postponed 11:30 am Friday.

– Emma Castro’s Home, 1:45pm, July 3, City Hall, 400 Van Ness Ave. in negotiation BUT need Spanish speaker to go discuss in detail if she is requesting auction intervention. Mesha will go; BB will drive her.

– Alberto del Rio’s Home, 1:45pm, July 6, City Hall, 400 Van Ness Ave. in negotiation; bankruptcy filed but still on list.
– Thomas German’s Home, 1:45pm, July 10, City Hall, 400 Van Ness Ave. hopes that successful bankruptcy case will result in postponement and ability to renegotiate.

III. Pedroza Action discussion excerpts:
• personal opinion that Pedroza would like to make concessions (after obligatory sparring around street cred.), he responded in discussions that he hasn’t been doing everything he could & “could do better”. Advocates holding this card (home-action), as can only effectively use once (sev.others echo this). Clear he is perceived institutionally as our ‘official’ conduit to the WFB power-holders, maybe want to preserve and give him a shot, good tactically if we need to again escalate actions.
• Pedroza is a messenger. Not a player… Need to hit him to send a message further up.
• Clearly hit a sensitive-spot targeting mid-level players (not as protected/insulated as Stumpf), ‘ ‘he squealed’. We should hold this card and see what we get, in further negotiation, given reaction. Use letter as initial high bid. Proposes we still start action @WFB branch sat. AND demonstrate resolve w/ more aggressive branch action: block and/or occupy inside until cops come, non-arrest.
• Several people discuss publically comparing WFB intransigence, insulting and non-workable offers, to other banks (eg, Dexter and BofA, others and Aurora) recent good modification offers
• Reluctant to concede demands, w/o upfront WFB concessions, “too many ‘ifs’ “. Need to escalate actions to obtain workable modifications. If sending terms-letter to Pedroza/WFB, want to add more systemic demands: sales of bank-owned properties to community non-profit, to be determined by community, not bank. Others counter w/ support for concept but insist aim of letter is to stop current foreclosures and get us in negotiation, where we can add these substantive demands as condition for anything greater than one-action postponement.
• “Let’s dual-track them.” Negotiate while still holding potential date for Pedroza home action. Be clear this is still an option if negotiations in bad faith, no progress on key moratorium issues.
• Feels, if we can achieve, moratorium until Jan. especially when Homeowners’ Bill provisions might be in effect , important to give our FEF’s some much-deserved breathing room
• Unless they accede to ALL letter’s demands let’s only postpone minutely to keep up pressure


• Worries about this negotiation-offer is a usual tactic of power; fear getting chumped. Need to use this break to organize broadly and assure ourselves of serious numbers in likelihood real negotiation points will break down, and we will have to go do this later
• Clarification as to when we could expect answer to letter. Clearly we have already postponed w/o concession as no WFB response likely available before Sat. Report back by list / update @ next meeting.


CONSENSED, W/ ONE STAND-ASIDE: individual will participate but is worried re: efficacy of negotiation, fear of being used & losing momentum. Wants strong commitment to interim organizing

Grace and Buck and 2 FEF’s will implement contact/follow-up.
Fri eve meeting to plan Sat morning action @ 22nd St, WFB.

* Other Upcoming Actions:

IV. Homeless Shelter currently scheduled for 11am, July 11… postponed indefinitely but still on table, need make more preparations, some key-organizers will be absent and possible collaborator /stakeholder meeting (Coaltion on Homelessness) too close to date. WILL REVISIT @ NEXT GA.

– Occupy Wells CEO John Stumpf, 11am, July 18, Wells Fargo Headquarters, Montgomery@California : still on … hold

* OccuPride Recap: postponed to next meeting

V. California Homeowner Bill of Rights:
– Status of Legislation Bill out of committee today (Th 6/28) . Historic as slated for [first time in history] for same-day vote in State Assembly and Senate, this coming Monday, July 2. Retains all important points: private right of action, to sue banks for bad/fraudulent practice upto and including full value of home; no dual-tracking; single-point of contact. Come witness and lobby

– Next Sacramento Trip: Monday, July 2; leaves 8:30am 1717-17th St. back by 4:30/5pm
Contact Grace , 415-377-6872; will rent van so needs commitments ASAP

VI. * Announcements:

– Monopoly and Foreclosures. Educational WG eve of educational game-play. “Foreclosure and Monopoly.” 7 -8:45 pm at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center. A short film and hands-on play with the game of Monopoly (bring your own so you can practice), using it to introduce others to the game originator’s anti-foreclosure purpose in inventing the game, constitutes the evening.

– Monterey Foreclosure Meeting, Saturday, July 7: invited by OccupyMonterey. Buck will drive and go for the day; contact . Campout possible. OM planning for food and [outdoor]accomodations, if people want to stay

– Coalition on Homelessness Meeting, 12:30pm, Wednesday, July 4 (contact Stardust ), prep for homeless shelter action, other collabrations

– Outreach at SF Mime Troupe, 2pm, Wednesday, July 4, Dolores Park (contact Stardust)

-regular foreclosure outreach ‘ door-knocking’ this Sunday, always meeting 10:30am Progressive Grounds. Please be on time as minimal time is spent in prep; RSVP ideal for materials, address assignment: Judy Siff, Occupy Bernal doorknockers ,

* Next Meeting: 7-9pm Thursday, July 12, Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, 515 Cortland Ave.

Minutes of General Assembly, 14 June 2012

Occupy Bernal General Assembly Minutes
7pm on Thursday, June 14, 2012

1. Introductions

Agenda approved with addition of the following items:

* June 25 Sacramento action
* Announcement from Action Council (David Solnit)
* Communications Workgroup

2. Where we stand: Geary and Josephine’s trial loan modifications from Bank of America with assistance from SF Mayor’s office.

Update on Homeowner Bill of Rights: some parts have passed, but dual tracking and single point of contact are still in process. Discussion on how to get more action alerts out on Homeowner Bill of Rights from larger organizations. Talk with Christie Hakim if you’re interested in working on it. Judy Siff recommended putting a message in our email signatures. Also discussed petitions and Occupy Bernal’s petition to the banks for a foreclosure moratorium.

Christie reported on the Monday, June 25, Foreclosure Moratorium action in Sacramento and encouraged people to attend and to lobby. Occupy Sacramento wants FEFs to speak. Kathy asked about what Tom Ammiano and Mark Leno are doing on the legislation and Judy K. replied that Leno is an author of one of the bills. Judy K. and Christie agreed to be liaisons to the organizers of the protest and coordinate Occupy Bernal’s participation.

Hiya offered some typewriters for personalized letters, which legislators treat with more weight than electronic ones.

Mayors’ Pause Letter: calls for pause on foreclosures until Attorney General settlement in place, but has a sentence that excludes those who can’t make payments on their mortgages, so is not very helpful.

Action on individual cases

What end of Alberto’s auction postponement means

3. Assessment of Alberto auction protest: 50 people came out to the auction. David Solnit made awesome mirrors. Alberto filed for bankruptcy so his house wasn’t sold. Kat mentioned how cool the mirrors are, the way they show peoples’ faces in the reflection. Fred found the action super-inspiring and felt the auctioneers and investors were very frustrated. Jose said we stopped some other auctions from happening. Tita felt uncomfortable with the intensity of how the protestors were talking to the people and felt the protestors were verbally violent. Incident where we mistakenly yelled at someone who was a supporter. Tita wants people to come and feel safe at our demonstrations… she saw several people distancing themselves from the action. Perhaps we should have a nonviolence training. Kathy felt horrible at Alberto’s grief when he announced that his family had to file bankruptcy. Julien mentioned that deciding about violence can involve tactical questions, for example, if we get physically violent at an action, then we would invite police repression. Bruce reported that an auctioneer was calling people telling them that there was a huge demonstration. He mentioned that even after discussing the issue of violence for over 50 years, but still haven’t come to any agreement. Alice brought up an incident where an investor pushed her and we had a discussion on how to deal with the situation. Fred suggested a discussion about the pushing scenario and how to respond and felt that we don’t have an agreement in the room about what nonviolence is. Stardust suggested a nonviolence training at 12:00 noon on Saturday after the action planning meeting at ACCE, but some people said they couldn’t come. Bruce suggested creating a card that lists the nonviolence guidelines for the protest… great idea! Kathy L. suggested to Alice and Fred determining what it would take to file a complaint. Elaine suggested an immediate response pertinent to the auction actions, as well as a longer-term Occupy Bernal discussion on violence. Hiya suggested that people meet with Stardust who want to figure out what should go on an action agreement card for the auction action. Fred suggested meeting before an action for an orientation. Those interested will discuss with Stardust immediately after the meeting. Stardust volunteered to draft a card for the auction action and send it to the group for comments. Kat volunteered to prepare a proposal on a nonviolence discussion for the next GA and invited others to participate with her. Elaine feels the discussion is necessary prior to the training. Consensed on the proposal for the auction action card and preparing a nonviolence discussion for the group.

4. Foreclosure and eviction fighter deadlines report

Stardust reviewed the cases and when our foreclosure and eviction fighters are up for auction. Maria talked a bit about her situation.

5. Suggested action calender from ACCE meetings, next coalition meeting

David Solnit reported back from Action Council. David let the Action Council and the Direct Action Workgroup know that things are coming to a head with the housing actions. They want to help Occupy Bernal. They would prefer to have 2-6 weeks notice and prioritize actions.

Christie thinks planning our actions with more notice would be good so that other groups can join in and be effective.

Stardust reported on the action planning meetings co-held with ACCE. He described the actions on the calendar handout.

Kat said she felt the Homeless Shelter action should have a day of its own. Stardust said he feels we really need to escalate our response. Julien said he felt there were too many actions on the list and they should be spread out over more time. Bruce talked about how to indicate which actions should be prioritized, especially for people who can only take limited time off from work. Fred likes how there are actions after the auction actions, especially in the case where auctions get canceled or postponed. Fred suggested sending an email saying “this is the week” and asking people to pick at least one day they can come this week to help their neighbors. David mentioned that to outreach to folks with a short message works better than a complex message. David said to put off the Stumpf action and to advertise the auction actions. Christie would like to focus on getting people to the auctions, along with the email alerts that go along with that.

In summary, the group seemed to think it would be a good idea to delay the Stumpf action and to downplay announcing the actions after the auction actions (and perhaps to restrict it to actions that are simple, such as the Points of Light action).

6. Outreach

Diane will call for an outreach workgroup meeting and coordinate some tabling activities. The education and outreach workgroup meetings typically take place at 10:00am on Sundays at Progressive Grounds.

Julien talked about how we do outreach to foreclosure and eviction fighters. Doorknocking happens at 10:30am each Sunday at Progressive Grounds. Julien brought up the idea of hosting house parties with foreclosure and eviction fighters.

7. Communications

Diane would like to prepare some literature for Occupy Bernal. Diane would like Occupy Bernal to include a broader message with our literature. Christie will work with Diane on the materials, since she has already prepared some. Jose suggested wording of “Do you know someone who is facing foreclosure…?” rather than “Are you facing foreclosure…?”

8. Announcements

* Kathy L. announced that Supervisor Wiener proposing a nasty measure to enable condo conversions and remove rent control protections.

* Elaine announced an event with Boots Riley scheduled for 6pm on Saturday, June 16, at the Redstone Building.

* Diane announced availability of Occupy Bernal buttons available for $3-5.

* David announced events related to solidarity with the student movement in Quebec including:

– Movie screening at 8:30pm on Thursday, June 28, 555 California St.
– Solidarity march at 11:30am on Friday, June 29, 580 California St.

* Fred announced that Occupy SF Housing is planning a campaign around Ellis Act conversions.

Minutes from Occupy Bernal GA 5/24/12

Occupy Bernal GA  5/24/12

Notetaker: Kirsten came in during introductions so no list of people attending.  Molly is chairing the meeting.  Bolded are action items committed to.


Discussion of Education Materials
We need fact sheets for every case, compelling and specific stories are the best way for us to get our message out.

Diane volunteered to write up the stories of some of the foreclosures and our successes.

Recommendation to forward ACCE stories to Legislators to Supervisors,  Ed Mayor – once they get it becomes public record. Everyone can do this

Post videos to Facebook (We should have a bunch of video stories) Suggest going to the universities to get volunteers to make movie.

Get Noe Valley Voice and El Tecolote and Bay View Times – fabulous ideas for the media committee.   Molly, Christy, Diane volunteered to be on the media committee.   Good models are on-line for Thomas’ case

Video is being done by Peter Menchini and Beth Stephen’s student, Julia.  There are  great speeches on-line already.  Molly has the 10 minute version and says a 5 minute version will be better.

Fiesta Report:
Over 280 people over the period of the day. Lots of good people coming. Annie  and Beth spoke, Ernesto and Ross  spoke. There were about 30 new sign ups.  We sold all 60 buttons. People are interested.! This was a great event- first thing where we all went out to get new people. One thing we need to do is the phone tree.- to call al new sign ups engaged. We could set up different categories — people who only want to hear about emergency actions, people who want to be on various committees, or people who want to come to the meetings.  If we call people we can figure out how people want to be involved.

The Fiesta was a big commitment – maybe there is something less ambitious we can do. House party might be easier?

Next Education meeting is June 4th what about using it to recruit for house parties  – foreclosure fighter  potlucks in different homes.… do a leaflet. Foreclosure fighters invite their friends to meet someone who is in foreclosure.  It would be nice to have some of the tapes so we can tell the story in more places.

Other than Ernesto, we have haven’t helped any get a refinance. All we’ve been able to do is to get a postponement.  Erik has one on May 31, Alberto has one on June 1.

Jeff Buckley in the Mayor’s office – suggests writing up the situations and demand that the postponement be indefinite. The mayor’s letter now has 10 other mayors asking for a pause in foreclosures. While we are in negotiations put off the auctions.   If they don’t do it then we go into action.

Commander came by and complained that we are blowing whistles in people’s ears so it can be considered assault if there is a complaint filed.  One of the lieutenants last Tuesday kept and eye on them and we weren’t able to disrupt.   They are finding ways to get around us now. We may need to change strategies.

Physically stopping the auctions and/or political solution to stop the auctions = two choices not necessarily exclusive.   We need numbers to stop the auctions – connect to our actual stories. We have only a week for Erik’s auction. Need to get moving now.

We’ve succeeded in stopping 50- 60 by the e-mails. None of our people have actually gone to auction. We have power before the auction to prevent.  We have to keep doing the two things.

ACCE wants to talk about actions every day for two weeks.  We should bring proposals from this group.  We need to get the case histories of unfair evictions back in the media.  Even if we don’t stop the auction we can educate the seller and the passer-bys.   When should we do this? The issue isn’t just when can we get the people. If we are fighting with people we actually have a chance.

We can’t wait on Eric and Alberto’s auction dates. Proposal is that we do an e-mail blast for both of them.  Propose that we go down on June 1 for Albertos. Auction is at 2:00 – get there at 1:45.  Proposal that this is part of a week- long recruitment  — enlarge the e-mail list.  There are many more people who care.   Get histories done and recruit and then show up en masse.  Educate people about dual tracking, — Diane and the media  committee (Christy, Grace, Molly, Jose) will do histories and we’ll use this as an education and outreach.   Use auctions as a way to do education and outreach…  Table on Saturday  4 -6 and Monday 11- 1 (one hour shifts),  starting at noon at Good Life.  Media committee meeting on Monday evening at 7 pm. Next Thursday with WOW and Occupella.

Judy K and Stardust met with DA, Chief of Staff . They only want to hear about possibilities of fraud and/or discrimination – robo signing etc.  There can be no follow-up to the assessors report.   The City Attorneys are really committed to working with us – get more information from Ting report. – public records records.  There are limitations on what they can do. Apparently Kamala Harris’ legislation isn’t going anywhere. Dual tracking is pre-empted.  There is a new consumer finance protection bureau – they can do regulations that eliminate dual tracking. They are very interested in the auction stuff.  There is also a committee now – Occupy the lawyers group – try to get them to take some of this one.  The City Attorney is really committed… they have three people working on it.

Nothing we can do right now because of global settlement with the 5 big banks. … Ting report can’t really be used unless there is an issue of fraud or discrimination.  Cases outside of the big banks, there might be able to do something.  Foreclosure mills can be attacked because they are not part of the global settlement.  There is a lot of cooperation.

Chronicle will publish an Op-Ed from Occupy Bernal and ACCE – Maria, Stardust, Grace, Kat  with a couple of changes. Signed by Dexter and Maria..

Egyptian youth founder,  Tuesday at 7 pm.. An e-mail will go out about it.

Door knockers going forward—need some more people.
Julian and  Juli  will make a proposal  for house parties.
We should have a table at the Fiesta on the Hill and the Hill -wide garage sale.  Get a bunch of people, sit and talk to people.   Great idea…

Communication between WOW and Bernal – want a closer relationship between B of A actions and Bernal!   They would be more involved… Would like to do outreach to the WOW women. Propose that we highlight cases at of B of A.  Come on Thursdays from 12 to 1:00.  Bring leaflets.  Action Alert and  make a call about Mary Jo’s case.

Brainstorm – What can we do to block the auctions; what can we do to Wells Fargo. More permanent postponement of auctions and go after the Wells Board members. If the shouting isn’t stopping the auctions what could?  Strategy meeting with ACCE and figure out how to gain traction on these issues.  Dexter re-occupied and he was re-evicted.
Brainstorm and strategy session with ACCE.  10 am 1717  17th Street is the meeting time.

Next meeting is in two weeks-  June 5th

SF Community Board of Trustees Condemns Wells Fargo

SF Community Board of Trustees condemns Wells Fargo’s predatory lending practices, seeks new Banking Services provider for its money

April 26, 2012

Last night, the SF Community Board of Trustees, condemning its
current provider Wells Fargo Bank, voted to seek a new Banking Services provider for its money, citing that:

  • San Francisco Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting has announced a first-of-its-kind audit of county land records of homes facing foreclosure.
  • Among the most jarring findings was that 84% of the files audited included legal violations

It also credited community-based organizations like SF ACCE and
Occupy Bernal for fighting to preserve the diversity of their  neighborhoods by defending the predominantly minority homeowners at risk of losing their himes to Wells foreclosure.

Trustee Chris Jackson stated that “Predatory lenders like Wells Fargo must be taught to correct their destructive policies.”

Buck Bagot of Occupy Bernal/SF ACCE thanked the Board for “putting its power – and the public’s money – behind my neighbors who Wells has and is hornswoggling out of their homes.”

AFT Local 2121 President Alisa Messer, whose unions represents Community College faculty, also cited Wells’ penurious student loan policies which charge college students up to 18% interest.

Both Bagot and Messer and members of their organizations participated in effort on April 24, 2012 to convince Wells Fargo shareholders to correct the Bank’s negative policies, but were denied admission to its shareholders meeting despite holding Wells Fargo shares.

The Board joined the SF Board of Supervisors and Mayor Ed Lee in
speaking out against predatory lending policies.

Minutes of General Assembly, April 12, 2012


Occupy Bernal GA/Housing and Foreclosures Workgroup Meeting

4/12/12 – REVISED

1. Intros
2. Facilitator, Molly; Timekeeper, Alice; Notetaker, Amy
3. Agenda amended and approved
4. Elected Officials/Legislative

(a)Board of Supervisors unanimously passed anti-foreclosure resolution.

Nonbinding. Urges banks to cease foreclosure activities until violations in recording are resolved, pledges city support for state Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, pledges city lobbyist support.

(b)Mayor says he will not sign resolution, but is meeting with ACCE, invited Occupy Bernal. Mayor wants to participate in California 10-city coalition asking for a “pause” on foreclosures. Also, Mayor has assigned Jeff Buckley, Senior Aide, to participate in individual foreclosure negotiations.

(c)EO/L Workgroup will draft letter and consider other tactics to pressure City Attorney/District Attorney to investigate/prosecute violations. Also, will look into Nevada Affidavit of Foreclosures requirement.

5. Education/Outreach
(a)Next education series meeting on May 7
(b)Annie S planning for block party on Andover (south of Cortland), May 19.
(c)Joint OB/ACCE Pot Luck – Saturday, 4/14, 2-6 pm

6. Door-Knocking/Home Defenders
(a)Discussion about process, strategy, decision-making. Deborah requests that people do not strategize, analyze policies by email, concern that this is exclusionary and nondemocratic. Some support for this, also some concern that group cannot hold meetings for every decision or discussion, must be able to use email. Generally agreed that major decisions and strategic discussions must be done via an announced meeting.
(b)People working on door-knocking urged to join Home Defenders Workgroup email list to ensure that all are included in on-line communications.
(c)ACCE and SEIU will be canvassing in Bayview and Excelsior on April 21 (Malia Cohen to join). Will OB participate? To be discussed at Sunday’s DK/HD meeting.

7. Actions
(a)Foreclosure/auction/eviction updates:
i. Judge forced Deutsche Bank to settle with Gigi, although the bank may attempt another foreclosure
ii. Ernesto was successful in refinancing with Wells Fargo. His income was adequate all along. Why did it take Wells so long??
iii. Katherine Galvez was evicted from her Noe Valley home.
iv. Dexter Cato continues to OCCUPY his [foreclosed] home. SFPD are not taking action.
(b)4/7 Action vs. Board members included 24 people from Excelsior, Bayview, Bernal, ACCE, SEIU, Occupy.
(c)4/24 Wells Fargo Shareholders Meeting — Don’t miss it. Nonviolence training is available 4/14, 10 am-2 pm, 209 Golden Gate. Other trainings available (info circulated via email). OB LOGISTICAL PLANNING MEETING, April 19, 7-9 pm, 515 Cortland Ave (BHNC).
(d)SUN Program — postponed to next meeting
(e)Occupy the Auctions — full discussion postponed to next meeting. The item was discussed briefly and a temperature check showed overwhelming support for setting an Auction Action date after the April 24th Wells Fargo action.

8. Media/Communications
(a)Elaine doing weekly newsletter
(b)All Occupy Bernal people should sign up for ANNOUNCE email list, so it can be used properly, separate distribution from the General Assembly or other Workgroup email lists.

9. Other
(a)dedicate time on 4/26 agenda for proposal to determine OB organizational structure

Next General Assembly/Housing & Foreclosure Workgroup Meeting:
Thursday, April 26, 7-9 pm

Minutes–Occupy Bernal GA/Housing Meeting 3/22/12

MINUTES–Occupy Bernal GA/Housing Meeting 3/22/11

Attending: Molly, Buck, Bob Thawley, Erik Lundgren, Julien, Alice, Kat, Deborah, Christie, Ernesto, Bob Mason, Stardust, Judy K., Elaine       (Meeting notes by Christie)

1– Proposed Foreclosure Legislation: Bob Mason gave report on 6 bills currently pending in Sacramento (most important of which is California Homeowner’s Bill of Rights). Bills mostly advance due process rights and tighten rules; none address loan principle reduction. Hearings are scheduled for late April into June. Issues to be addressed: how to get turnout at hearings / how best to pressure legislators (esp. conservative Democrats). For bill status updates, visit:  and (Bob’s excellent resource!)

2—Kathryn Galves’ Pending Eviction: Stardust reported on Wells Fargo’s refusal to let Galves sell her home to a neighbor who is willing to retain her and her sister as tenants inflatable pool.

RESOLVED: That OB support the following actions:

— Occupy Wells Fargo Noe Valley branch — Sat, 3/24, 9-6 all day–Eviction Prevention at Galves’ home (1164 Church/24th) – Wed, 3/28, 5:30 am. Details at:


3—Treasurer’s report (Stardust): RESOLVED:

–That OB reimburse Bob T. $80.35 for materials expenses re: Wells Fargo Stumpf action.

–That OB reimburse Kat for expenses in securing SF foreclosure data.

4—Foreclosure Moratorium:  Judy K. reported on the successful 3/20 press conference held on City Hall steps at which foreclosure fighters (and Molly) spoke and Supervisor Avalos presented resolution calling for city-wide moratorium on foreclosure activities. Supervisors Campus, Olague, Kim and board president, Chieu are co-sponsoring resolution, which has been assigned to Board’s Land Use Committee. Hearing is scheduled for Wed, April 4, 1:30 – 4:30pm

–Planning meeting to be held Sun, 3/25 at 10am, at Progressive Grounds to discuss strategies for generating hearing turnout/lobbying other sups, new sheriff, etc. Stardust thanked Judy for her excellent work in engaging with public inflatables


5—Door-Knocker’s report: Deborah gave update on excellent turnout on Sun, 3/18 at which four teams (2 each) visited 22 homes, nailing conversations with 12 of them.

-Door-knockers to next meet: ___________?

6—Foreclosure Fighter reports:

–Erick Lundgren provided updated on convoluted but successful efforts thus far to stall his home auction. He’s working with Ed Donaldson in seeking Wells Fargo loan modification. 

–Ernesto reported encouraging signs that Wells Fargo might be ready to talk with him. Progress started soon after ACCE/OB action against Wells Fargo board member Lloyd Dean, so the protests might be finally having an impact.

7—Wells Fargo Makes-Us-Sick Action: Julien reported on successful March 14 protest against Wells Fargo board member, Lloyd Dean, CEO of Dignity Healthcare. In spite of rains, some 47 ‘sick and tired’ activists turned out, wearing hospital gowns and carrying large ‘thermometers’ with high-level fever readings. Foreclosure fighters spoke.  Bob T. issued handouts to passersby urging follow-up action. Lloyd Dean was a no-show but event appears to have caused bit of ‘stir’ within Wells Fargo (see Ernesto’s comments above).

8—Dexter Cato’s Home Reoccupation: Julien updated status of action, which began Friday, 3/16. ACCE is coordinating, but continuing OB help is needed with ongoing day/night vigils at Cato’s home (in Bay View) to prevent eviction and to continue pressure on Wells Fargo. Proposal from ACCE that OB hold its Thursday general assembly meetings at Cato’s house was discussed, but no consensus was reached. OB work groups are encouraged to meet at Cato’s when possible. Weekly OB/ACCE coordination meetings (every Sat, 11:00) are currently being held there inflatable slide.

9–Wells Fargo Shareholder’s Meeting (April 24): Buck reported on first meeting to plan protest (to take place at 465 California St). Broad coalition of local/statewide organizations is involved with SEIU and perhaps other groups bringing in national support. Focus will be on range of issues regarding Wells Fargo (not just foreclosure crisis). Actions will be both outside and inside building, with those inside participating as shareholders (SEIS is buying 130 shares).

–RESOLVED: That Occupy Bernal commit 6 foreclosure fighters and 50 protesters to this action (goals, training needs, etc. still to be decided)夺宝雄兵滑梯

–Weekly planning meetings held Thursdays, 5:30pm at Local 2 office (209 Golden Gate Ave)

10—Bus ride to Well Fargo board member homes (Sat April 7): ACCE is arranging busload of protesters to visit homes of Lloyd Dean and Phillip Quigley, Wells Fargo board members who live down the Peninsula.

–RESOLVED: That OB supports this action and will encourage folks to participate.


11—Forum on Credit Crisis (4/2): Reminder that forum on foreclosure/credit crisis, including short documentary, will be held Mon, 4/2, 7-8:30 pm at BHCC (flyer available)

12—Foreclosure Fighter Fiesta: ACCE is planning festive gathering for foreclosure fighters /home defenders, most likely Sat, 4/14, 2-6 pm, at Vivian Richardson’s house in Bay View.

-RESOLVED: That OB will participate in and help out with this event.

13—Event Announcements: RESOLVED: That Elaine create brief newsletter announcing upcoming meetings, actions and other events to be sent to all OB members, and for possible posting on OB website.

14—Representing Occupy Bernal at Meetings of Other Organizations: Stardust presented proposal for guiding OB participation with related organizations, boards, Occupy groups, etc.

-RESOLVED: That OB agrees with proposal (as appended below) with no objections.

Next OB General Assembly meeting Thursday, April 12, 7:00 pm (BHNH)







Stardust (3/21/12):

Occupy Bernal will have its first combined General Assembly and Housing Workgroup meeting at 7:00-9:00pm on Thursday, March 22, at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, 515 Cortland Ave.

We’ll be discussing, among other things, a report back on the press conference and introduction of a foreclosure moratorium resolution at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and upcoming housing actions related to Wells Fargo.

We will hear again the following proposal.
Occupy Bernal General Assembly Proposal:
Representing Occupy Bernal at Meetings of Other Organizations

The Occupy Bernal General Assembly authorizes any participant in Occupy Bernal who has regularly attended Occupy Bernal General Assemblies and/or workgroup meetings to represent Occupy Bernal at meetings of organizations or participants in organizations, such as the Occupy SF Housing Council, the Occupy SF Action Council, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and any other organization.

The Occupy Bernal General Assembly authorizes these Occupy Bernal representatives to present proposals adopted by Occupy Bernal, to provide information about Occupy Bernal activities, and to participate in decision making processes that further the positions adopted by the Occupy Bernal General Assembly and/or its workgroups.

If more than one Occupy Bernal representative attends a meeting of another organization or participants in another organization, the Occupy Bernal representatives shall caucus to determine participation in decision making with approval of a decision coming only when 80% or more of Occupy Bernal representatives present at the meeting agree on approval.

Those representing Occupy Bernal at meetings of other organizations have a responsibility to report back to the appropriate Occupy Bernal workgroup and/or the General Assembly on their activities with other organizations so that Occupy Bernal can maintain well-coordinated and cordial relationships with other organizations whenever inflatable titanic slide



Housing and Foreclosure WorkGroup 3/7 Meeting Minutes


Next  H & F Meeting:  3/22 BHNC

 “Door-Knockers”  meet on Thurs. 3/15 7:00 (I think)  at Progressive Grounds to clarify goals.

Action:  against Lloyd H. Dean, Wells Fargo board member 

Wednesday, March 14, 12 noon (organizers be there at 11:30)
185 Berry Street (between 3rd and 4th St.)
Outside the offices of Dignity Health  



///// Recommendation:  With a majority in favor, the group recommended to the GA that Julien’s proposal to merge the GA with H&F be accepted.


The Elected Officials Subgroup is meeting with Avalos and Campos regarding their resolutions, and is having a pre-meeting with the Mayor’s Office with the overall  goal of putting pressure on them and other electeds to pass a resolution in favor of a foreclosure moratorium.  A meeting has been scheduled with Phil Ting. Buck drafted a “leave-behind” stating our position and rationale, replete with whereases.  Judy, Grace, and Amy welcome people to work with them.  Grace invited people to join in the lobbying effort to be held in Sacramento. 


Stardust requested that people sign up if they can commit to regularly being available one day a week (M T W TH F) to be at City Hall at 1:45 if needed to prevent auctions.  Sign up at or


Buck spoke for the group in saying that the door-knocking is the living beating heart of our work.  A number of new people signed up.  To let her know which Sunday you’re coming, email Judy


Annie reported that the street fair plans are moving forward, which is great.  It will be on a Sunday in late April or early May.  The group passed the hat and collected $62 toward insurance and a permit for the event.  Someone please wear or bring a hat to the GA meeting

Minutes for Occupy Bernal GA, February 27, 2012

Occupy Bernal Heights General Assembly
Monday, Feb 27, 2012
7pm @ Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, 515 Cortland St.

Attendees: Ed, Buck, Andrew, Annie, Debrah, Blair, Elaine, Richard, Mike, Stardus, Julian [and more — minutes started post-intros]
Facilitator: Stardust
Stack: Annie
Minutes: Andrew

I Introductions

Intros all around: first names and favorite colors.

II Assessment of what we’ve done

2. 2/23 Forecolsure forum

Debra reports back on the Forum.
61 attendees were counted at 1:10pm
There were short talks on how to resist foreclosures, evictions and the importance of fighting back.

Grace Martinez, ACCE
Jose, MEDA [?]
Ed Donaldson, councellor
Leah Simon-?, tenants group

Properties under or at risk of foreclosure are recorded in a public database; outreach started here and galvanized at this event.

While attendees may not have been numerous, but the impact on attendees’ lives was significant. The spirit of solidarity, support, resistance was palpable.

Ed will be returning for more Q&A at a later date.

Buck: there were more new people at this action than at any other point in Occupy Bernal’s past (short of its formation)

country may be divided, but we can agree on this point, which helps unify the movement

Hats off to education committee
We need to build our base locally and outreach.
Combining resources that re-enforce our collective struggle is key; we should try and have an #occupybernal on the panel next time

Suggestion: 1st Thurs of every month Education around the foreclosure question
Education committee will take this into consideration.

1. Fells Fargo demo report back

more than the 50 people reported in the paper
Different and good;

Bay Guardian wants to have a conversation about their editorial position.

The character of the conversation is changed by taking this to a person responsible.

There were 60 cops at first; all but 10 went home once things were explained.

Every time we do an action, it should be different. Not the same heads with the same speeches.

Ed Donaldson (worlds for HUD sponsored non-profit that negotiates with home”owners” with banks, specifically against Wells Fargo) got a call from an outraged Wells Fargo exec. good sign.

Press work was extensive for this action, creative props, fun all built towards a remarkable event.

Individual stories should be better highlighted than they were.

Peoples’ expectations of actions can be for a longer duration – should frame timeline better.

Blair went with 10yr old daughter, who fount funny and amusing.
there is a common misunderstanding of fraud amongst stable income home-owners
1. A leaflet with 3 short paragraphs + resources that explain what the banks have done, that this is not a technicality, to pass around to passer-bys
2. connect more Families Occupy SF:
street theatre is an engaging format to get kids into the resistance movement for a lifetime

(Food) Pic-nic at events

ELAINE: Press was great. Twitter was influential. Not sure how it worked, but it did.

DB is being used to contact everyone
door-to-door, letter, attempts to make person-to-person contact.

III Newer Business

1. Ting report

99% of all forecosured issued by banks have one or more irregularities
84% have clear violations of the law
⅘ foreclosures are illegal

We can leverage the same message to push city officials to go beyond simply agreeing that this issue is terrible and to take action.

How can the city attorney (be motivated and have legal grounds to) file for injunction?

Met with Sherriff on Mon, who is in charge of injunctions
Court orders are issued, which must be enforced…

What kind of pressure can we exert to stop the exercise of power in its tracks?

How can we track the money?
Auctioneers, Conveyance companies… WHO is really benefitting from the fraud? Lat’s articulate this reality to people to the streets.

amazing stroke of luck with this report
non-judicial foreclosures: instead of going to court, discrete steps need to be followed – some technical, many substantive
Notice of filling of Default is the first step, often skipped by banks, and it goes on from there.
For us, it means we have a way of working with city officials and pressing others not interested in working with us. State regulations supersede many possible measures, but what kind of hurdles could be put in pace along these lines?

Market is still strong in SF and Bernal in particular, which motivates banks to pull the rug out from under home owners.

Some people did borrow more than they can pay back. Not an accident that all but one victim are Latino or Black, and that bank practices were predatory. There is still a fight for those who can’t afford to pay this all back, even after the fraud question is settled.

SImilar model to that used during the depression
selling in lots: large scale scam to take residential property away in the same way farm land was

John O’Brien, assessor in MA in June of 2011 made a presentation to the Natl. assoc. of Assessors: “my office is a crime scene.” He refused to resister and record false documents.
Proposes to bring him out here to speak.

Predator lending as a topic for a future educational forum.
Any elected officials will need to respond with the right questions. What are these questions, and how to we exert pressure. We should organize around the Ting report.

only 14 vs. 386 were not legal. We need to plan and frame our language and message strategically.
SIVs were bundled so they couldn’t be looked at individually.

Narrative that banks loaned this money isn’t accurate. It’s investors that are impacted and driving the game.

3. Press Conference, Board of Supervisors Resolution

We are working with 2 supervisors (David Campos, John Avalos) on a resolution to support a moratorium on foreclosures until Ting report can be analyzed and malfeasance corrected.
need 6 votes w/ Mayor or 8 w/o Mayor

Trying to smoke out DA, Sheriff too.
the Sheriff many not be affected, though, because there are state-mandated. Criminality is ubiquitous, though.

Possible press conference on Wed with Ting

David Campos will call tomorrow for a public hearing at the board of supervisors that will call Ting forward.

On Friday, members strolled the halls and tried to gauge support by district on the passing of a city ordinance.

District position
1 Supervisor Mar, chair of land use committee. Spoke with his aid. What committee is most friendly to moving a resolution forward? Probably this one.
2 skipped
3 checked in
4 skipped
5 spoke with aid, looks like there may be support; depends on mayor
6 should go, some uncertaintly because of board alliances
7 no support
8 —
9 Campos – we are all good
10 spoke with aid
11 Avalos — lots of support; aid is actively working on this.

An ordinance IS possible and CAN gum up the works on foreclosures.
If the Assessor-Recorder is obliged to receive documentation every step of the way, that would stop [filibuster] the process in its tracks .
New lead: a 1945 document states that auctioneers need to put up a bond to do auctions; IDEA: the board could require a 1M bond in an ordinance.

The treasurer can be pressured to move money out of the banks. [Berkeley did this]

4. Other ideas

occupy poetry, musicians, food can all feed into a street festival.
Suggests building a repository of content as we learn
interview people in neighborhoods

Ongoing discussion has been happening
a social event with Occupy Bernal, ACCE from Bayview/Hunter’s Point, Excelcior at SFHourisng Development offices.

House parties as an outreach venue

build base in neighborhood by door knocking is good, but we need to invite them to something
Block party

personal relationships
plot events around where foreclosures are.
plot these
look to engage people in a more enduring capacity, rather than coming out to an event once.
We need to push people to OCCUPY.
[look into the foreclosure project that Mike was running]

like in the 30s: home defenders
phone trees that can mobilize
being with personal relationships

PROPOSAL (Stardust): call a meeting of the outreach workgroup to address the issue
POINT OF PROCESS: hold off until the restructuring discussion

Pink Flier
pink flier is passed around, a follow up on the Wells campaign

Auctions and Foreclosures happen weekly.
With enough bodies (signed up weekly) we can stop them!
10 sign-ups: required to halt Auctions
25 sign-ups: know we’re ready to stop any eviction

the threat of shutting down auctions has so far resulted in all auctions shutting themselves down.

occupysf, sfatate, occupysfhousing, sf action council are all behind this

Stardust is maintaining the website
it’s been up for 48h; 10% of goal is reached

Thinking backwards from our event date, how do we organize?

March 1: Occupy Education
(full funding for education)
Occupy Bernal has endorsed and agreed to participate in
There is space for a speaker at the 4pm mass rally
NO RESOLUTION: a speaker needs to be found.

—-> Other ideas TABLED to next meeting

IV Occupy Bernal Restructuring

people are confused about the occupation structure.
the housing and foreclosure issue is the focus, but the WG conversation get re-iterated at the GA

presents a written proposal is to merge the WG with the GA
[attach here]

all work since Dec 21 is focused on housing and foreclosure
Most of the WG meetings are larger than the GAs

Clear target and program is important
smaller and larger meetings are important
our theme, our issue as a neighborhood group is part of basic occupy analysis

Renaming the group would be appropriate if the main thrust is around an issue.
Publicize monthly meeting: a true GA
broad-based, political discussion

email lists are not being used most effectively.
announce is the main list, coordinated events announced here; this should be the list people get added there.
organizers’ list is non-modertated
proposal: combine current housing and GA lists.
advocates against merging

AMMENDMENT: continue to call this body a GA?
(advocates against merging)

TEMPERATURE CHECK: 50-50 split on thinking we can resolve this question tonight.



Thurs @ 7pm: follow up to foreclosure forum
Ed Donaldson will be here for Q&A
stories from newcomers
basic meeting

Communications WG meeting
progressive grounds

next meeting:
2 weeks from today, March 12.

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