Minutes of General Assembly, April 12, 2012


Occupy Bernal GA/Housing and Foreclosures Workgroup Meeting

4/12/12 – REVISED

1. Intros
2. Facilitator, Molly; Timekeeper, Alice; Notetaker, Amy
3. Agenda amended and approved
4. Elected Officials/Legislative

(a)Board of Supervisors unanimously passed anti-foreclosure resolution.

Nonbinding. Urges banks to cease foreclosure activities until violations in recording are resolved, pledges city support for state Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, pledges city lobbyist support.

(b)Mayor says he will not sign resolution, but is meeting with ACCE, invited Occupy Bernal. Mayor wants to participate in California 10-city coalition asking for a “pause” on foreclosures. Also, Mayor has assigned Jeff Buckley, Senior Aide, to participate in individual foreclosure negotiations.

(c)EO/L Workgroup will draft letter and consider other tactics to pressure City Attorney/District Attorney to investigate/prosecute violations. Also, will look into Nevada Affidavit of Foreclosures requirement.

5. Education/Outreach
(a)Next education series meeting on May 7
(b)Annie S planning for block party on Andover (south of Cortland), May 19.
(c)Joint OB/ACCE Pot Luck – Saturday, 4/14, 2-6 pm

6. Door-Knocking/Home Defenders
(a)Discussion about process, strategy, decision-making. Deborah requests that people do not strategize, analyze policies by email, concern that this is exclusionary and nondemocratic. Some support for this, also some concern that group cannot hold meetings for every decision or discussion, must be able to use email. Generally agreed that major decisions and strategic discussions must be done via an announced meeting.
(b)People working on door-knocking urged to join Home Defenders Workgroup email list to ensure that all are included in on-line communications.
(c)ACCE and SEIU will be canvassing in Bayview and Excelsior on April 21 (Malia Cohen to join). Will OB participate? To be discussed at Sunday’s DK/HD meeting.

7. Actions
(a)Foreclosure/auction/eviction updates:
i. Judge forced Deutsche Bank to settle with Gigi, although the bank may attempt another foreclosure
ii. Ernesto was successful in refinancing with Wells Fargo. His income was adequate all along. Why did it take Wells so long??
iii. Katherine Galvez was evicted from her Noe Valley home.
iv. Dexter Cato continues to OCCUPY his [foreclosed] home. SFPD are not taking action.
(b)4/7 Action vs. Board members included 24 people from Excelsior, Bayview, Bernal, ACCE, SEIU, Occupy.
(c)4/24 Wells Fargo Shareholders Meeting — Don’t miss it. Nonviolence training is available 4/14, 10 am-2 pm, 209 Golden Gate. Other trainings available (info circulated via email). OB LOGISTICAL PLANNING MEETING, April 19, 7-9 pm, 515 Cortland Ave (BHNC).
(d)SUN Program — postponed to next meeting
(e)Occupy the Auctions — full discussion postponed to next meeting. The item was discussed briefly and a temperature check showed overwhelming support for setting an Auction Action date after the April 24th Wells Fargo action.

8. Media/Communications
(a)Elaine doing weekly newsletter
(b)All Occupy Bernal people should sign up for ANNOUNCE email list, so it can be used properly, separate distribution from the General Assembly or other Workgroup email lists.

9. Other
(a)dedicate time on 4/26 agenda for proposal to determine OB organizational structure

Next General Assembly/Housing & Foreclosure Workgroup Meeting:
Thursday, April 26, 7-9 pm

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