Housing and Foreclosure WorkGroup 3/7 Meeting Minutes


Next  H & F Meeting:  3/22 BHNC

 “Door-Knockers”  meet on Thurs. 3/15 7:00 (I think)  at Progressive Grounds to clarify goals.

Action:  against Lloyd H. Dean, Wells Fargo board member 

Wednesday, March 14, 12 noon (organizers be there at 11:30)
185 Berry Street (between 3rd and 4th St.)
Outside the offices of Dignity Health  



///// Recommendation:  With a majority in favor, the group recommended to the GA that Julien’s proposal to merge the GA with H&F be accepted.


The Elected Officials Subgroup is meeting with Avalos and Campos regarding their resolutions, and is having a pre-meeting with the Mayor’s Office with the overall  goal of putting pressure on them and other electeds to pass a resolution in favor of a foreclosure moratorium.  A meeting has been scheduled with Phil Ting. Buck drafted a “leave-behind” stating our position and rationale, replete with whereases.  Judy, Grace, and Amy welcome people to work with them.  Grace invited people to join in the lobbying effort to be held in Sacramento. 


Stardust requested that people sign up if they can commit to regularly being available one day a week (M T W TH F) to be at City Hall at 1:45 if needed to prevent auctions.  Sign up at  occupytheauctions.org or occupyevictions.org


Buck spoke for the group in saying that the door-knocking is the living beating heart of our work.  A number of new people signed up.  To let her know which Sunday you’re coming, email Judy atjsiff@sbcglobal.net


Annie reported that the street fair plans are moving forward, which is great.  It will be on a Sunday in late April or early May.  The group passed the hat and collected $62 toward insurance and a permit for the event.  Someone please wear or bring a hat to the GA meeting

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