Education Program Redux: Foreclosure and Monopoly

The July 3 Education Workgroup program at the BHNC was enough of a success, and of sufficient interest that a reprise will be hosted!

Foreclosure and Monopoly

The history of a game and its war on oppression
Consider this:  Monopoly was invented by a feminist economic radical named Lizzie Magee.
The game of Monopoly was invented in 1904 to teach the public about the cyclical nature of foreclosures, and to suggest a remedy!
The evening will consist of a 25 minute PBS History Detectives episode detailing the little known origins of the game of Monopoly, followed by a hands-on demonstration of how to use the game for its original purpose of showing a way of resolving crises of foreclosure!
There is seating for twenty, so invite friends, comrades, game enthusiasts!
RSVPs would be appreciated, but are not required:
Friday, July 27,
7-8:45 pm7-8:45 pm
at Notable House, 189 Ellsworth St. in Bernal Heights
This program is part of Occupy Bernal strategy to build a profound understanding of the foreclosure debacle, leading to City and State-wide policy change.
Your neighbors, our neighborhood!
Contact: David   415-948-4265
Labor donated


ALERT: Stop the Auction of Alberto Del Rio’s Home!

Update: A large number of folks turned out to stop the auction of the home of Bernal neighbor Alberto del Rio and his family. Fortunately, his family managed to file bankruptcy in time to postpone the auction of his home until July 6, 2012. For more details, see the video below and a further description and photos here

Link: PDF (for printing)


ON FRIDAY, June 1, 1:45pm at CITY HALL (Van Ness side)

 Together we can stop predatory banks and help our neighbors!

In the past few months we’ve stalled/stopped dozens of home auctions.

 Alberto Del Rio is a Bernal Heights resident who grew up in his family home. He lives there with his wife and 3 kids. To help his mother have a decent retirement, the Del Rio family took equity out of the home and refinanced. But their loan from World Savings was a Pick-a-Payment loan. Lawsuits have found these sorts of loans to be predatory. World Savings sold the loan to Wachovia, which was then acquired by Wells Fargo. “Wells took advantage of me. Like they did so many other people. They promised us the moon,” says Alberto, who has been trying to get a loan modification since 2000. The bank has continually lost his paperwork, and refused to negotiate in good faith. The bank even advised him to stop making payments in order to qualify for a loan modification, which triggered the foreclosure process. Now, Wells Fargo is scheduled to auction his home on June 1. But we won’t let them.

YOU CAN ALSO HELP BY CALLING WELLS FARGO’s CEO and STAFF right away in protest: Just say: “Postpone the auction of Alberto Del Rio’s home at 565 Banks St., San Francisco. Loan # 47339080.” Then tell them the above story. CallCEO John Stumpf (866-878-5865), director Alfredo Pedroza (415-396-0829), communications Ruben Pulido (415-852-1279), bank managers Eric Tang (415-977-9357) and Jason O’Hara (415-554-8820).

For more info or call 415-483-9138.

A Call for Collaborators

PDF version of this Call for Collaborators—please distribute

The Good Neighbor Award Ceremony & Foreclosure Fighter Fiesta

Andover St. between Cortland & Ellert (Next to library)

Saturday, May 19th, 1:00-4:00 pm

YOU are invited to co-create this event with us.

WE’RE HAVING A BLOCK PARTY POTLUCK to honor our wonderful foreclosure fighter neighbors + activists. We’ll celebrate the successful actions that have helped keep neighbors in their homes and acknowledge the amazing work we’ve done to help stop foreclosures.

Meet folks who care about people.

SEEKING entertainers, acoustic musicians, a deejay, production manager,
production assistants, planners, food/beverage help, set up/clean up angels, sponsors, people to poster, social network help, a press liaison, seeking involvement of related organizations (i.e.: MEDA, ACCE, SF Housing), tabling assistance, graphic designer, decoration, kid’s activities (sidewalk chalk, bubbles, crafts, face painter), gate monitors, journalists to spread the good news, documentarians, food/drinks for pot luck, and more.

Let us know what YOU want to do.

Join us for production meetings on Sundays at Progressive Grounds on Cortland & Bennington, 10-11:30 a.m. May 6 & 13. Friday night, May 18, 6-8 p.m.

Want to collaborate? We need YOU!

Call Annie S. & Beth today: 415-847-1323 or Annie B. 415-821-7617
Or email
More info:

Last Chance Sale for Kathryn Galves

9:00am – 6:00pm on
Saturday, April 7
1164 Church St @24th

On March 28, Wells Fargo Bank evicted our neighbor Kathryn Galves from the Noe Valley home where she lived for forty years, along with her sister Renita and their dog Betty.

Come discover some amazing bargains and help Kathryn raise rent and moving expenses (furniture, housewares, antiques, collectibles).

Link: Flyer (Please print, distribute, and post widely!)

Are you facing foreclosure or eviction? Or want to help others? Predatory foreclosures and evictions have no place in San Francisco. Check out

Occupy Bernal Takes It to Wells Fargo on February 25

Downloand/Print nice Wells Campaign Actions Poster, and join the event on facebook.


Saturday, February 25, 1:00pm Convergence
FORECLOSURE AND AUCTION of the Home of John Stumpf, Wells Fargo Chairman, President, and CEO
1090 Chestnut St
(x Larkin), San Francisco
Foreclosure Block Party (street theater to foreclose, auction home, and evict the CEO), Music, ‘Pride at Work’ dance mob, & special surprise bidders

View press coverage


March 1 Auction Action (below) Postponed Due to Temporary Victory in Negotiations With Wells Fargo–

Thursday, March 1*, 1:45pm – 3:00pm on
at Foreclosure Auction of the home of the del Rio family
City Hall, Van Ness steps, San Francisco
stay tuned for updated days/times

+1 415 483-9138

En solidaridad con Ocupa en todas partes / In solidarity with Occupy everywhere

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