Education Program Redux: Foreclosure and Monopoly

The July 3 Education Workgroup program at the BHNC was enough of a success, and of sufficient interest that a reprise will be hosted!

Foreclosure and Monopoly

The history of a game and its war on oppression
Consider this:  Monopoly was invented by a feminist economic radical named Lizzie Magee.
The game of Monopoly was invented in 1904 to teach the public about the cyclical nature of foreclosures, and to suggest a remedy!
The evening will consist of a 25 minute PBS History Detectives episode detailing the little known origins of the game of Monopoly, followed by a hands-on demonstration of how to use the game for its original purpose of showing a way of resolving crises of foreclosure!
There is seating for twenty, so invite friends, comrades, game enthusiasts!
RSVPs would be appreciated, but are not required:
Friday, July 27,
7-8:45 pm7-8:45 pm
at Notable House, 189 Ellsworth St. in Bernal Heights
This program is part of Occupy Bernal strategy to build a profound understanding of the foreclosure debacle, leading to City and State-wide policy change.
Your neighbors, our neighborhood!
Contact: David   415-948-4265
Labor donated


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