Update: Occupy Wells Director Lloyd H. Dean on March 14, 2012

Update: 47 protestors braved the rain to let Wells Fargo Director Lloyd H. Dean that Wells Fargo’s foreclosures make us sick! The protestors delivered a message to Dean through a representative who wouldn’t say his name and told us he wasn’t “going to play our game”. The protestors picketed chanting “Evict Wells Fargo” and Foreclosure/Eviction fighters from a few neighborhoods spoke, indicting Wells Fargo for tearing apart our communities with their predatory lending practices. Check out the photos below.

Tell Wells Fargo Director Lloyd H. Dean: Foreclosures and evictions make us sick!
PROTEST & Picket!
Wednesday, March 14, 12 noon
185 Berry Street (between 3rd and 4th St., Caltrain station 4th and King)
Outside the offices of Dignity Health

Lloyd H. Dean is a Wells Fargo board member and is the chair of Wells Fargo’s Corporate Responsibility Committee. He earned $333,789 from the company in 2010, while Wells Fargo continues to kick the 99 percent out of our homes while destroying our communities.

We don’t think that’s very responsible.

As the CEO of a non-profit health-care provider, Dignity Health, Dean should know better. After all, the company website says that the “word ‘dignity’ perfectly defines what our organization stands for: showing respect for all people”. But where’s the dignity for people who are getting thrown out of their homes while Wells Fargo collects tens of billions of dollars of our money in bail-outs? Lloyd H. Dean may think he’s providing care for the sick. But the truth is, foreclosures and evictions are making us sick!

Foreclosure fighters and activists from around the city have been demanding that Wells Fargo stop foreclosure proceedings against them and modify their loans so they can stay in their homes. Late last month, after he didn’t return our calls, we even showed up at Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf’s home to demand a fair deal. But we know that he serves at the pleasure of the Wells Fargo Board of Directors. So if he won’t talk to us, we’ll take the fight to his bosses.

Join us as we pay Lloyd H. Dean a visit! Don’t let our neighbors lose their homes. Stop ALL foreclosures and evictions for profit!

Sponsored by Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) and Occupy Bernal

For more information, call 415-483-9138 or 415-335-7033. Email: info@occupybernal.org or gmartinez@calorganize.org


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