ACTION ALERT: Demand an Immediate San Francisco Moratorium on Evictions, Foreclosures, and Foreclosure Auctions

To all those who support a moratorium on for-profit and predatory evictions, foreclosures, and foreclosure auctions, Occupy Bernal asks you to call and email San Francisco city officials.

Please forward this action alert widely to those who would be interested. For more information about Occupy Bernal, see If you have any questions or concerns about this alert, please contact Occupy Bernal at or +1 415-483-9138.

Call City Officials

Please call the following officials and ask for “an immediate moratorium on for-profit and predatory evictions, foreclosures, and foreclosure auctions”:

* Mayor Ed Lee’s aides Jeff Buckley and Una Fannon at 415-554-6141.
* District Attorney George Gascon at 415-553-1751 (leave message)
* City Attorney Dennis Herrera at 415-554-4700

Email City Officials

Please send the following email to San Francisco city officials (feel free to customize it for your own personal message and please cc so we can track the number sent):
Subject: Take Immediate Action on San Francisco Evictions and Foreclosures

As citywide elected leaders of San Francisco, why do you remain inactive and silent in the face of the foreclosure crisis? Predatory lenders are running our working, middle-class, and minority neighbors out of our communities. They are destroying what little income and ethnic/racial diversity remains in San Francisco.

Please speak out and take action immediately.

1. Demand that lenders declare an immediate moratorium on all for-profit evictions, foreclosures, and foreclosure auctions, and provide affordable refinancing, including principal reduction, to all households in foreclosure. If AG Kamala Harris can do it for the entire state, you can do it for San Francisco.

2. Enact a citywide moratorium on all foreclosures until the malfeasance identified in Assessor Ting’s report are investigated and corrected.

3. Urge John Stumpf, the CEO of home-based Wells Fargo, to meet with the people whose homes his bank is foreclosing.

4. Meet with Occupy Bernal, ACCE, and Occupy SF Housing to publicly declare your commitment on the above demands.

Thank you.

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