Save Eric’s Home – Occupy the Auction Dance Party on Friday

UPDATE 4:30pm on April 27, 2012: City Hall Building Manager Robert Reiter tells foreclosure auctioneers they can no longer hold foreclosure auctions on City Hall Steps. For photos of the action, see

Thanks to Peter Menchini for the great video of the Occupy the Auctions Dance Party action below:

UPDATE as of the morning of April 27, 2012: Wells Fargo has postponed the auction of Eric and John’s home, so we are going ahead as planned with celebrating by dancing away the other foreclosure auctions scheduled for today.

At 1:45pm this Friday, April 27, please come to an Occupy the Auction Dance Party to stop Wells Fargo from auctioning off the home of Eric and his partner John.

San Francisco foreclosure auctions take place on City Hall steps at 400 Van Ness Ave. (unless the weather is very bad).

Eric and John live in Bernal and Eric is a Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter and active member of Occupy Bernal. They went through a difficult financial time, but are now both employed and have the funds to make regular payments on a renegotiated loan, which Wells Fargo has refused to provide.

Please arrive on time and bring loud whistles and earplugs.

The action will go ahead as a celebration even if the bank postpones Eric and John’s auction.

Link: RSVP on Facebook event

Video outside Wells Fargo Shareholder meeting with event invite (thanks to Carol Harvey):

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