Wells Fargo CEO Action to Stop Evictions and Foreclosures

Occupy Bernal, Occupy SF Housing, ACCE, and other organizations held a feisty protest today at the home of Wells Fargo CEO, Chairman, and President John Stumpf, at 1090 Chestnut St, in San Francisco. In a bit of street theater, foreclosure fighters from Bernal and other neighborhoods read a foreclosure notice for the CEO, then the protestors auctioned off his home.

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1 thought on “Wells Fargo CEO Action to Stop Evictions and Foreclosures

  1. hi, you all are my absolute heroes and heroines for staging this great action. wish i had known about it, because i would have been there and carried a sign. check out my post about local pols who have taken money from stumpf, who i am asking to refund his money:


    i’ve also posted two of your photos and short report, with a link back to this page.

    peace, michael

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